Fulvic Acid Research, Benefits, and Comparisons.

What is the Best Fulvic Acid and Why?

Fulvic Acid is the most important Natural Health Supplement you will ever take, yet is one of the hardest to acquire in a normal or even organic diet.  Fulvic Acid is the naturally occurring element that transports nutrients into living cells and carries out toxins from the cells.  Remarkably it also contains Every Trace Mineral known to man in its Ionic form. As we all now know due to vast scientific research, Every Trace Minerals is needed by our bodies to function effectively and absorb or utilize Vitamins.  This means without Trace Minerals, supplementing with Vitamins is futile. 

With the importance of Fulvic Acid becoming more well known to the general population around the world. we find many new companies jumping into action to sell Fulvic Acid derived from various sources including coal, peat, bog moss and Raw Humic Shale. 

1. Raw Humic Shale is the best source for Fulvic Acid. The molecular structure of this source includes Humic Acid which is very special and also required by every cell in the human body. Some offer this in its raw form which is quite excellent for agricultural applications and use with animals. For use as a human health supplement one should extract these vital elements using distilled water. This method is quite expensive and takes up to one year to accomplish, but the result is unsurpassed. We recommend one avoid any raw humic shale for human consumption that has not undergone water extraction, such as Shelijit or extractions conducted with the use of chemicals. Additionally, any Fulvic Acid product sourced from coal, peat or bog moss should be avoided due to a variety of related health risks including heavy metal contamination. 

2. The ideal pH level for Fulvic Acid is 3.5.  A high pH level is not desireable in a Fulvic Acid product. If the pH level is high, potassium chloride must be added to the liquid extraction in order to stop the inevitalbe growth of bacteria and fungus. This is not healthful and should be always be avoided. We find many companies are failing to disclose this ingredient on their product labels. One can test the pH level of Fulvic Acid with an inexpensive test strip offered at most Drug or Health Food Stores. If the pH is higher than 3.5 you know they have added potassium chloride to the mixture. Of course before consuming Fulvic Acid one must add water at the time of consumption to raise the pH, but do not store your Fulvic Acid with this added water as the result will be bacterial and fungal growth. It is worth noting we consistently find New Mexico source extractions require potassium chloride as the pH is higher than required at 4.0. 

Although Fulvic Acid is an acid and therefore acidic, once properly diluted with ample fluoride and chlorine free water at the time of dosing it becomes the most powerful natural product available for increasing alkalinity in the body. We find the common ratio for top shelf Fulvic Acid products to be 2oz of water per single drop of liquid Fulvic Acid extraction

3. It is important to select a Fulvic Acid source with a Trace Minerals content above 200,000 ppm. This will  ensure you are choosing a Fulvic Acid sourced from the highest quality Raw Humic Shale possible. With regard to cost this will also ensure your purchase is cost effective as Fulvic Acid under 200,000 ppm indicates the presence of low levels of Trace Minerals, therefore the liquid is predominately water.

4. One cannot stress enough the importance of selecting a Fulvic Acid product packaged in glass. This will ensure a clean product free of BPA or other harmful contaminates. Fulvic Acid is quite reactive to plastics of any kind and even those free of BPA should not be considered for storage for any length of time other than immediate dosing.
Once should strictly avoid any Fulvic Acid or Trace Mineral product stored in plastic containers. Fulvic Acid and Trace Minerals leach toxins out from the plastic casing into the liquid which is quite dangerous for human health. We find many products on the market are packaged in plastic to cut costs of both packaging and shipping, however the negative health impact from this practice is negligent at best.

5. Currently we find merely one or two producers of Fulvic Acid products are sharing vital information concerning their production methods. It is critical to ensure Fulvic Acid is neither packaged nor produced in plastic containers. Some manufactures offer Fulvic Acid in glass to the end consumer but conduct their extractions and bulk storage in plastic drums. As previously noted this will contaminate the end product and cause a negative health impact. Upon contacting a variety of manufacturing facilities we find just one facility using Stainless Steel Drums for their extractions and bulk storage, as well as glass for the end user. Interestingly this same manufacturer is also using distilled water for their extractions, truly superb for the manufacturing of Fulvic Acid.

We give high marks to a United States based manufacturer for meeting all 5 of the above criteria and that is Optimally Organic, Inc. For more information about this top shelf Fulvic Acid source and proper manufacturing practices you may visit their website at www.OptimallyOrganic.net

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